Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter Yodel - pre-spring 2015 look book

Days are growing longer. The snow starts to melt. Little plants and herbs start popping up again.
Between the grey, rainy days, sudden gusts of wind and the occasional cold, one thing is for sure - winter will be over soon.

It's time to put away our heavy coats and slowly transition into sweater weather. Of course, we stil have the full month of February ahead, but wouldn't it be nice to actually enjoy the last bits of winter in pretty clothes instead of couting the days?

And what could be more appropriate than handmade, 40s-inspired Austrian cardigans to keep yus going?

I have to admit - these were shot on a particularly warm day in December during my trip back to Romania, but I stand by my choice of using the wild landscape of Moldavia instead of the overly-trimmed Parisian parks.

It just makes me think of vacationing in the Alps, horseback riding and 19th century hunting trips.

For the first time, the look book was shot entirely on film.

This mini-collection has six beautiful austraian cardigans, an adorable hand knit hearts sweater and a super cool cape. 

All will be in the shop next week. Stay tuned!

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