Saturday, January 24, 2015

Curating vintage : fancy dinner show-stoppers and fun party numbers

Between the latest Paris cold streak (had to take out my fur you guys!) and post-terrorist attack madness (don't get me started), the best thing to do is look forward to the next big distraction.

To me, it is my upcoming birthday next week.

For the rest of you vintage and fashion lovers, it's probably the last part of the winter sale season. And, of course, shopping with Valentine's Day in mind!

I can't say I'm a big fan of this holiday that everyone seems to hate and yet they somehow end up celebrating...

Yet I can't really ignore it - every year I find myself wanting to do something to either protest it or embrace it. Like 'oh, I'm gonna buy myself some flowers! and cake!' or 'I'm gonna do something cultural like go to the Cinemathèque!'.

But I somehow always find myself dressing up for the occasion.

So whether or not you were planning a romantic dinner with your SO, a stay-in TV marathon or a night out with your friends, here are a couple of gorgeous vintage finds to make you feel like a superstar while doing it!

Just click under the photos for direct links or simply head over to the shop!


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