Friday, August 7, 2015

Film & Fashion Fridays : Twin Peaks memories pt I

Ok, technically these snaps are from the Twin Peaks series, not the Fire Walk With Me movie.

However, I believe Twin Peaks is such a classic that I'm going to overlook this technicality this one time.

I just discovered all these screen shots I had saved on my old PC and decided they were too good not to share!

I mean sure, we still have a lot of summer left, but thinking about the fall these just feel like EXACTLY what I'd want to wear for the next season. Take it more like an expanded moodboard - forest walpapers, velvet sofas, bow ties, bolo ties, tweed, western shirts, navajo prints, menswear, 90s make up...

Since there are so many, I will break it into 2 parts for you :)


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