Sunday, February 8, 2015

Film Hedonism: DJing outfits pt II


It's been a while since my first post on the subject, but I kinda feel like I have to return to the topic : DJing clothes!

Sure, for guys it's super easy - jeans/slacks + tees. Or maybe a button up shirt if they're feeling fancy.

But the truth is clubs are insanely HOT places  (and somehow the DJ booth seems to be the worst with all the gear and stuff heating up; it was like a sauna when I went to Monseigneur!! I mean COME ON GUYS!!!) so you need summery things that you can layer since you don't get a dressing room where you can change - they should make that a rule tho!

So the easiest thing for me is simply wearing not too warm tights that I could eventually take off + those trusty American Apparel dresses. I really hope they don't discontinue this one, it's like my uniform!

I like the short sleeved version too, but the shoulders are cut too wide and the sleeves keep coming down.

And their Gloria V bodysuit is also a nice option for slightly colder nights.

+big plus - they're still one of the few companies who make things in COTTON! 

Clubbing is kinda like going to the gym but trying to look good - when you're breaking a sweat in a club you know you MUST have something made from natural fibers!

It's either cotton or silk for me and the occasional cashmere sweater/ vintage kimono/ shirt cover up before things heat up.

In terms of shoes it's mostly flats - ankle boots in the winter and Keds in the summer - except when I play Candelaria and bring my comfy Swedish Hasbeens clogs because the bar is waaay too high for me and I actually like to see what I'm doing.

And last but not least - I do enjoy wearing a watch like all the time and some sort of necklace/belt - they instantly transform those super simple dresses!

UUUh and let's not forget silk vintage slips! But that's a whole other story ;).

Until then... enjoy and do share your own going out/partying outfit tips!


  1. yes! I love that you created your own dj-ing style, perhaps one day you'll be famous for it :)

    1. awww, thanks! haha yeah i wish :P
      i would be happy just to start a micro trend :)

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