Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday SALE!

Snow in Paris is something almost from the same category as flying pigs and a frozen hell.

We get pretty much one day of snow a year. This one was super unexpected and of course very brief. I call it the 5-hour snow.

In the meantime, I just flew last minute to Romania for the holidays and had to cancel both the annual Hanukkah latkas party and the Expat Xmas.

The weather here is EXACTLY like Paris- grey and rainy, with no white in sight, while Paris has been surprisingly dry lately. Bizzaroworld anyone?

Bit don't fret - I left a good friend with house keys, plants watering and parcel shipping instructions. So apart from the holiday rush hour delays, everything with Last Tango in Paris should go on as usual.

To make things a little more interesting, we're having a little Holiday SALE! 25% off with the code MERRY25 at checkout. Expires 31/12.

Happy Holidays!

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