Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wearing it : Sara of Swing the Day Away

I always wonder where the vintage clothes I sell end up... I love receiving nice comments and enthusiastic feedback from customers, but seeing someone stage a full photo shoot is pure joy!

The sweet Sara posted those lovely photos wearing the La collectionneuse dress on her blog, Swing the Day Away.

She truly rocks the retro Lolita look and seeing her wearing this dress makes me think like they were made for each other.
And the whole ocean setting is simply perfect! I think this dress should only be worn at the beach/around water. Rohmer would be proud.

After seeing this, all my vintage seller's treasure separation issues are now gone :)

Don't feel bad if you missed out on this one - I have a whole new series of pretty summer dresses and other vintage treasures waiting to be listed. There's already a few in the shop.

But you guys should seriously check out her blog - it's full of pretty feminine outfits, beautiful photography! Check out her original post here.

all images courtesy of Sara

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