Saturday, January 12, 2013

The amazing Guy Laroche jacket

Hello darlings!  

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday season! I've been pretty busy and sick as every winter, so I kept away from blogging and most internet activities.

What I'm really happy that I managed to do though is FINALLY finishing an old roll of film and getting it developed and scanned!

I shot these before opening the Etsy store in order to have a nice film lookbook, but seeing how hard it was to finish the damn roll I just kinda dropped it.

This lovely Guy Laroche jacket was one of the items I photographed in particular and the results are pretty stunning.

I was lucky enough to find this beauty at the Montreuil flea marker last year and even if I like the idea of owning a piece by a famed French designer, I feel like it didn't get as much wear as it should have.

For those who don't know Guy Laroche he was a French designer that started his line in the '50s and was most known for minimalist, practical couture styles. Orange and burnt earth tones were his signature colors.

You can learn more about the house history on his website.


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